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  • To inspire curiosity and enthusiasm for learning
  • To promote peaceful interactions
  • To ignite and nurture the spirit in every child

Colorado Life Insurance
Colorado Health Insurance We recognize that our work with children is work with  the future of the world. With this in mind, we demonstrate deep respect for the unfolding of the individual. We offer educational experiences with awareness that we are helping each  child understand and manage the world and their place in it.               Thus we offer the following vision statement:

CCMS strives to provide for and support the natural growth and development of children through a carefully prepared Montessori environment. Our environment is designed to meet the personal, social, academic, creative and spiritual needs of each individual at each stage of their path to adulthood, and to promote healthy respect and desire for excellence.
We create a diverse community of learners who cultivate and practice respect for themselves, each other and the environment. We honor, support and provide education for peace through our daily routines, processes of conflict resolution and academic activities. As our students practice their unique contributions and service within our community, they will see themselves as critical, unifying members of our school community, the Chaffee County community and the community of the world.
Through our work, we provide opportunities to experience understanding, tolerance, and acceptance, while developing a desire to extend a vision of peace and understanding to the world. Our goal is to foster the development of each student's inner vocation, so he or she may go into the world with competence, knowledge, independence, a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for life.

Please contact Chaffee County Montessori School at 719-539-4887
PO Box 696, Salida, Colorado 81201
1040 I Street, Salida, Colorado 81201